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Achieving Optimal Healing And Wellbeing

Through Collaborative Care Between

Multi-disciplinary Practitioners

Get Better, Faster – With Our Integrated Care Approach

Well Balanced Center for Integrated Health is modern clinic, dedicated to patients, with specialized practitioner care through scientifically proven Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Functional Medicine joined with thousands of years of success in Acupuncture and Massage Therapy.

With our integrated approach to health, our board certified and licensed practitioners treat your body as a whole, uncovering the root cause of symptoms, eliminating roadblocks to health, and giving you the skills for success.
With this approach in mind, our patients receive the best quality care and see the fastest results, in the shortest amount of time, getting you Better, Faster.


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Overall, my experience at Well Balanced was fantastic. They got me in to see someone the same day I called. The team of practitioners all took a lot of time with me assessing not only my immediate issue, but offering advice and insight to my overall body health. I will definitely return for not only acute care, but maintenance for my active lifestyle. More

Sarah B.

To this day I continue the treatments for the sore muscles and joints (I am not as young as I use to be), life and work stresses, and to learn new ways to keep me “Well Balanced”. If you have not tried acupuncture it is never too late and Well Balanced is a perfect place to start. More

Tom C.

I am absolutely amazed with the care, compassion, honesty and enthusiasm I get from Lisa in working with me to get healthy and more importantly, stay healthy. Her explanations as to what is going on with me, the plan of attack and how long the correction will take have been spot-on.  She is not interested in stringing you along for more visits if these visits are not necessary. More

Sharon B.

Explore our site to read more about the services we have to offer and to see which of our specialized practitioners is right for you. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, or please feel free to make an appointment through our online scheduling calendar.

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